Tropical weather expected to drench North…

The National Hurricane Center says the Outer Banks will likely be drenched as a tropical weather system blows by

Not One, But Two Hurricanes Are Barreling Toward…

If either storm makes landfall, it would be the first hurricane to hit the Big Island since records began in 1949.

Top 10 Thrilling Narrow Escapes In Movies

In this list, featuring lucky escapes from James Bond in GoldenEye, Harrison Ford jumping off the dam in The Fugitive, Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Hospital scene in Terminator 2, the Death Star Explosion in Return of the Jedi, Indiana Jones running from a boulder in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Bruce Willis in an ejection seat in Die Hard 2, we get action-packed movie scenes where the characters avoid certain death and make a narrow escape to live another day! Watch on our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtXKS5qcnU0

Mean Owners Leave Dog Cramped in Cat Crate for 12…

Sarah is finally on the mend after her former owners left her trapped in an extremely small cat crate for 12 hours.

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Chris Brown Was Arrested On Suspicion Of Assault…

Chris Brown was arrested Tuesday following a standoff with police after he was accused of threatening a woman with a gun.

Any Show. Any Screen. Anywhere.

EXP from Armstrong brings you television, broadband wireless Internet, and endless entertainment. The new interface powered by TiVo makes it easy to find the content you want and so much more!

Some military vets tweet support for Kaepernick's…

Colin Kaepernick's protest of the national anthem is apparently winning support from some military veterans

Report: Athletics trade Coco Crisp to Indians

The Athletics have traded leftfielder Coco Crisp to the Indians, reports Bay Area News Group’s John Hickey.

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Feds distribute $53 million to fight opioid problem

The Obama administration will distribute $53 million to states in fight against opioid abuse and calls on Congress to meet president's request for $1.1 billion in new spending

Obama to open conservation tour in Lake Tahoe and Hawaii

Obama opening environmental tour showcasing conservation efforts before traveling to Asia

New elephant study shows catastrophic decline in…

An ambitious project to count all of Africa's elephants from the air has revealed a catastrophic decline. CNN's David McKenzie has the exclusive report.

Comey: FBI wants "adult conversation' on device encryption

FBI Director James Comey is again warning about the bureau's inability to access digital devices because of encryption

Survey: US companies add a solid 177,000 jobs in…

Survey: US companies add a healthy 177,000 jobs in August, pointing to solid growth

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Police: Woman kidnapped by husband found dead, he…

State police say a Pennsylvania woman kidnapped by her husband has been found dead in a barn, while the husband is hospitalized with a self-inflicted gunshot wound

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