Neighbors riled as insular Hasidic village seeks…

An insular Hasidic Jewish village in New York is raising tensions with neighbors and it seeks to expand

Gaza's Residents Struggle To Get Out — Even For…

Doctors often can't even get outdated medications, let alone modern treatments.

Yes, This is Video of a Bumblebee Scoring a Goal…

Scientists were able to train bumblebees to perform a task. The bees were then able to teach other untrained insects the skill. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more.

Why The Oscars Red Carpet Was Full Of Blue

Celebrities aren't the only ones "standing" with this group.

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Ryan Gosling's Sister Mandi Proves SEXY Runs in…

Is it just me or was Ryan Goslings’ date last night at the Oscars NOT Eva Mendes??? Why wasn’t his baby mama with him? Better yet who the heck was that voluptuous blonde sitting next to him?? Did Ryan just openly cheat on Eva at the biggest award show of all TIME??? Okay people, before we get bent out of shape about Gosling’s Oscar date, let’s just say he was NOT cheating on EVA and that woman sitting next to him, yeah the one spilling out of the top of her dress… is like family to him… better yet it IS his family! The gorgeous and well-endowed lady attending the Oscar’s with La La Land’s main hunk is in Ryan Gosling’s sister!! Yeah, kinda feel icky after thinking this was his new girlfriend or whatever!! Mandi Gosling attended the 89th Oscars with her brother, who was nominated for Best Actor but lost to Kasey Affleck! And as they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because she is drop dead gorgeous and holy smokes does she pack a punch in that dress! Ryan might’ve walked the carpet alone, basking in his sexy- god-like glory, but when it came time to take their seats and for the show to begin, Mandi took the limelight away from her brother and Twitter was drooling at the mouth over her! “For the love of Victoria’s Secret, who is the pair of boobs sitting next to Ryan Gosling at the Oscars?” So, is the social media cat-calling of Mandi Gosling right?? Well, I’m not quite sure I agree with some of the comments made about her chest area, BUTTTTTT she did put them on full display in that plunging neckline gown, and like I said before she rocked that dress!! Mandi might just be the newest and hottest commodity in Hollywood… you know like how Pippa Middleton stole the show during Kate’s wedding and went viral and blew up all over the world!!! You could be next Mandi, you just never know in this town!! But I want to hear what you guys think about Ryan’s sister as his date and if the social media attention is unwarranted or well deserved!! Speak up in the comments below!!

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Trump says Oscars focused hard on politics before…

President Donald Trump says Sunday's Academy Awards "focused so hard on politics that they didn't get the act together at the end."

Kyle Lowry to undergo wrist surgery, targets…

Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry will undergo surgery on Tuesday to remove loose bodies from his right wrist and the team is hoping that he can return for the playoffs.

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Pressure on GOP to revamp health law grows, along…

President Donald Trump says that that "Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated."

Study finds peculiar tie between warm climate, slow snowmelt

Researchers say global warming could melt mountain snow more slowly, a peculiar finding that might be bad news for the American West

Watch The Hilarious Mean Tweets 2017 Oscars…

Jimmy Kimmel brought one of his post popular late night bits to the Oscars tonight and though mean tweets is so bad for the stars involved - it’s sooo good to watch! These tweets Oscar style were so funny - especially featuring some of our favorite current and past Oscar nominees. Ryan gosling showed off his perfect smirk on the red carpet tonight at the Oscars, which was mocked on twitter by an angry troll. His co-star Emma Stone took home her first Oscar tonight Best Actress in a leading role for La La Land, but sadly, one Twitter user just can’t stand her. Natalie Portman was nominated for her role in Jackie, but was unable to attend tonight’s awards show due to her pregnancy - but she made a surprise appearance in the mean tweets segment. That was almost as good as her showing up! Almost, we still would have liked to see her. Leave us your favorite mean tweet in the comment section below.

Supreme Court skeptical of sex offender social…

The Supreme Court is signaling it could strike down a North Carolina law that bars convicted sex offenders from Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites

US judge dismisses suit linked to Mexico bribery allegations

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit that accused Wal-Mart's Mexico operations of misleading shareholders during an alleged bribery scheme

The Latest: Police name dead suspect, officers in shootout

Authorities in North Carolina say a 27-year-old man wanted for possession of a firearm by a felon was killed in a shootout with police officers

Flight attendant charged in fake bomb threat…

A flight attendant accused of making bogus bomb threats on two Skywest flights in 2015 has signed a plea deal

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In Obvious News: Social Media Sharing Is All…

Other people's opinions drive what we share on Facebook.

A Tortoise and a Baby Bunny Become Best Friends

Some kindness on a cold night led to this unlikely friendship. Emily Drooby (@emilydrooby) has the story.

Someone Has Taken The Blame For That Oscars Best…

PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm responsible for overseeing the Academy Awards' voting process, has taken the blame for the mix-up.