Google parent turns on internet balloons in…

Google says its stratospheric balloons are now delivering the internet to remote areas of Puerto Rico where cellphone towers were knocked out by Hurricane Maria.

Questions and answers on proposed ban on laptops…

The US is looking to ban laptops from checked bags on international flights. Questions and answers on the proposal.

Amazon Echo reviews are in

The biggest stories in tech from this week include reviews of Amazon's new Echo, Google Pixel 2 and 2 XL reviews and the discovery of a major security flaw in the widely popular WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol.

Technology that makes children smarter

Kurt the 'CyberGuy' shares tips for parents.

Pimp Your Instagram With A Photo Shoot On A…

For under $250, you could have an Instagram photo shoot on a private jet!

Twitter Just Laid Out Its Schedule To Tackle…

The news comes one week after Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, "We're still not doing enough."

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G7 backs internet industry effort to detect…

The Group of Seven industrialized nations have thrown their support behind a new technology industry alliance aimed at detecting and blunting online propaganda to combat extremism on the internet

French-led EU push for heftier tax on internet…

France's drive to force internet giants to pay more taxes is losing steam, amid resistance from other EU countries that offer tax shelter to companies like Apple

Viral smartphone game lets ordinary Chinese 'clap…

A smartphone game has gone viral by letting ordinary Chinese 'clap' for Chinese President Xi Jinping after his lengthy address at the Communist Party's national congress this week

Get the iPhone X ASAP

Five tips to get the Apple's new iPhone on launch day before it goes out of stock.

Why Amazon's new $5 billion headquarters may ruin…

'The Cyber Guy' Kurt Knutsson weighs in.

Workers at iPhone supplier in China protest…

Apple vows to investigate underpayment of bonuses at iPhone supplier in China after worker protests

Applying for a credit card? Please take a selfie

Payment processing giant Visa is launching a platform to allow banks to integrate various types of biometrics _ your fingerprint, face, voice, etc. _ into approving credit card applications and payments

Google parent leads $1B Lyft investment…

Google's parent company is throwing its financial support behind ride-hailing service Lyft, further deepening its rift with the market leader Uber

The new Amazon Echo reviewed

We tested Amazon's new for 2017 Echo to see how it compares to the original Amazon Echo.

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Why Amazon's new $5 billion headquarters may ruin…

Kurt the 'CyberGuy' explains the challenges.

Little Rock drops Amazon bid in ad: 'It's not you…

Arkansas' capital city is pre-emptively rejecting its long-shot bid to host Amazon's second headquarters, telling the online retailer in a full-page newspaper ad: "It's not you

Honest Ads Act looks to regulate election ads…

Today's major tech stories include the bipartisan Honest Ads Act that would regulate political advertisements online, Nielsen's plan to track viewership on subscription streaming services and Alphabet's $1 billion investment in Lyft.

Urine-powered combat equipment?

Fox Firepower: Allison Barrie with a look at how Army scientists are extracting Hydrogen from urine and using it to power fuel cells. Something that could be a great advantage to military personnel.

Packers, Microsoft join in tech venture near Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers and Microsoft are launching a tech incubator in a development next to Lambeau Field in an effort to ignite innovation in an area not typically targeted by major, global companies

Diving into Acer's new Mixed Reality VR headset

It's easier to set up and use than other VR headsets, but there's still not a ton of content to experience.

Regulating Facebook: John McCain joins Democrats

Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) joins Senators Klobuchar (R-Minn.) and Warner (R-Va.) in an effort to institute regulations on social media ads in an effort to thwart foreign interference in our elections.

iPhone 8 Plus vs. 7 Plus camera comparison

We journey around San Francisco to test out the dual rear shooters on the iPhone 8 Plus against last year's 7 Plus.

Google Photos can now recognize your pets

The world's biggest search engine is giving users a new way to look at their four-legged friends.

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Twitter's timeline for tackling abuse

Twitter has issued a calendar for dealing with abuse on its platform. Read the CNET News article here -

Amazon’s second headquarters: Craziest ways…

Amazon is on the hunt for its second headquarters in North America and with 50,000 thousand jobs on the line, cities are trying to woo the ecommerce giant. From orange monuments to social media campaigns, here’s a roundup of the most creative and craziest ways cities submitted their bid.

Apple's working on an iPhone with a Stylus. Yes…

The Mac Mini is 3 years old...since it was last updated. The latest iPhone X updates and our NBA 2K18 giveaway winners!