Animal cruelty law has governor's signature…

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and a Boston terrier found emaciated and diseased at an animal breeding operation have signed legislation strengthening laws against animal cruelty and neglect

Arizona wildfire forces thousands of people from…

A wildfire burning through a dense Arizona forest has forced thousands of people from their homes, closed a major road and created a huge plume of smoke over the same area devastated by a blaze that killed 19 firefighters four years ago

Man destroys new Ten Commandments statue at…

Authorities say a man crashed his vehicle into Arkansas' new Ten Commandments early Wednesday, nearly three years after he was arrested for destroying Oklahoma's monument at its state Capitol

Rep. Jason Lewis on health care: Senate needs to…

House Budget Committee member talks vote deadline

Rep. Scott Taylor talks GOP health care bill…

Congressman and former Navy SEAL provides insight on 'America's News HQ'

US to seek more security on international flights

The Homeland Security Department is set to announce new security for international flights bound to the United States

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Florida Supreme Court hears death…

Lawyers argue over Florida Gov. Rick Scott's power to strip a prosecutor of murder cases because she won't seek the death penalty

Protesters On 'Trumpcare': 'Kill The Bill, Don't…

Protesters gather in Capitol Hill to express their opposition to the Health Care bill being put forward by Republicans.

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NASA says no alien announcement coming

Despite rumors, a NASA administrator says the agency has no plans to announce anything about extraterrestrial life.

Hong Kong democracy protesters arrested

At a symbolic monument to Hong Kong rejoining China, protesters called for greater democracy.

The New York Times - Anatomy of a Scene | ‘The…

From The New York Times: Sofia Coppola narrates a sequence featuring Colin Farrell and Kirsten Dunst.By: By MEKADO MURPHY. Watch the original video on Times Video:

Arkansas Prison Inmate Who Was On The Run For 30…

An Arkansas prison inmate who was on the run for 30 years was arrested while he was visiting his mom.

Put the Republican plan on the table: Durbin

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., discusses the Senate health care bill and why it should be up for debate in the upper chamber, the cost of pharmaceuticals and violence in Chicago.

Matthews: Republicans can't repeal and replace…

If you're repealing, you're not replacing. Isn't this the contradiction? Isn't the failure we're watching here a month's long effort to square a circle?

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Panel: Is Healthcare Overhaul About Politics or…

George Will, Helene Cooper, Mark Leibovich and Hallie Jackson join the MTP Panel to discuss the Senate's newly unveiled healthcare draft.

Book Your Next Vacation by Using Emojis

Kayak just upped the travel search game. Angeli Kakade (@angelikakade) has the story.

Boston detective charged with lying to fly armed with weapon

A Boston police detective has been charged with lying to federal officials so he could fly armed on personal trips from Logan International Airport and allow a friend to avoid going through airport security

Fed approves dividend, buyback plans of all 34 biggest banks

The Federal Reserve has given the green light to all 34 of the biggest banks in the U.S. to raise their dividends and buy back shares, judging their financial foundations as sturdy enough to withstand a major economic downturn

Iraq refugee with ties to kidnapper pleads guilty to fraud

An Iraqi refugee living in Virginia who was accused of hiding her ties to the kidnapper of a U.S. contractor has pleaded guilty to an unrelated fraud charge

The US Might Shoulder Less Of NATO's Financial…

The head of NATO says defense spending could jump to more than 4 percent this year.

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Experts encourage more public awareness of…

International elections experts are warning that the United States will get hit again by Russian cyberattacks if the country doesn't pay closer attention and work more closely with European allies who are also victims

7 couples from same town charged with public…

Seven married couples from the same New Jersey shore town, including a rabbi and his wife, now face charges that they misrepresented their income to get a combined $2 million in public welfare benefits they weren't entitled to

Mississippi man takes Confederate flag fight to…

A black Mississippi citizen is taking his case against the Confederate-themed state flag to the U.S. Supreme Court