Panel explains ruling on proposed Indiana abortion clinic

Indiana officials say they rejected a nonprofit's request to open an abortion clinic in South Bend because necessary information wasn't disclosed on an application

Don't Get 'Scrooged' by This Holiday Dating Trend

Always remember that the holidays are about more than just fancy presents. Buzz60's Tony Spitz has the details.

CBS Denies Former CEO Les Moonves $120 Million…

CBS' Board of Directors found Moonves had violated company policies and breached his contract.

Judges Dismiss Dozens Of Ethics Complaints…

A number of the 83 complaints revolved around Kavanaugh's conduct during his Senate confirmation hearings.

Justin Bieber Takes Wife Hailey On SAME Date He…

Justin Bieber is an alleged REPEAT offender BUT its DEFINITELY not for what you may think…Apparently the Biebs sticks to what works. The new hubby apparently recreated a date for wife Hailey that he ALREADY did with Selena, this love triangle is ALWAYS heating up stay tuned

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Man Fools Package Thieves With Farting Glitter…

Mark Rober felt violated when a package was stolen off his doorstep a few months back, so he decided to get revenge—in a big way. Rober, an engineer who has worked on NASA's Curiosity Rover, joined forces with a friend who makes custom circuit boards to create a high-tech...

Colbert jokingly claims severance denied to ex-CBS boss

Late-night host Stephen Colbert jokingly lays claim to at least half of the $120 million severance that the CBS board declined to pay ousted CEO Leslie Moonves

Should There Be A Women's Club World Cup…

On this week's episode of Planet Futbol TV, Ada Hegerberg gives her thoughts on whether there should be a Women's Club World Cup Tournament.

AP Investigation: Migrant kids held in mass…

An Associated Press investigation finds that most of the 14,300 migrant children in government care have been placed in large detention centers and residential facilities where they spend nights with more than 100 kids _ and sometimes several thousand.

Any Show. Any Screen. Anywhere.

EXP from Armstrong brings you television, broadband wireless Internet, and endless entertainment. The new interface powered by TiVo makes it easy to find the content you want and so much more!

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10 detained in Estonia over massive money laundering

Ten former employees of the Estonian branch of Danske Bank have been detained in connection with a probe into a major money laundering scandal that allegedly involved money from Russia and former Soviet states.

Wrongful conviction doppelganger case settled for $1.1M

Kansas will pay $1.1 million to a Missouri man who spent nearly 17 years in prison for a robbery that he argued was committed by his doppelganger

AP obtains exclusive data showing most of the 14,300 migrant children in custody are in facilities with 100-plus kids

AP obtains exclusive data showing most of the 14,300 migrant children in custody are in facilities with 100-plus kids

The Stunning 2019 Shark Calendar Worth Over…

Ever thought about making your shark week, your shark YEAR?! Buzz60's Mercer Morrison has the story.

175 Years Ago, Charles Dickens Helped Shape…

Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" helped start conversations about the meaning of the holiday.

HHS Relaxes Vetting Process For Migrant Children…

The Department of Health and Human Services is eliminating its fingerprint requirement for the households of potential sponsors.

WATCH Young Noah Centineo FILMED Himself DANCING…

Some say videos come back to haunt you but in Noah Centineos case its just making him a BIGGER NAME and will hopefully catch the eyes AND ears of a certain someone he’s been crushing on…Selena Gomez obvs…find out if this throwback video of Noah dancing to one of JBs BOPS will HELP or HURT his game…

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US teams to play in European snow volleyball tour

4-time Olympian Lloy Ball to lead American delegation to European snow volleyball tournament in Moscow this week

Jose Mourinho Should Be An MLS Coach

On this week's episode of Planet Futbol TV, Grant Wahl discusses Jose Mourinho's possibilities, and suggests that he should come to America to coach the LA Galaxy.

Ta-ta 2018, keep your chicken coops and, yes, the…

Dear 2018, you can keep your chicken coops, vampire facials and, especially, the Floss