Anchor Who Ditched Fox News Joins Rival Network

One of the most hated men on Fox News has finally decided where he will be working next.

Be Prepared To Wear A Face Mask If You Shop At…

Here’s a look at almost a dozen retailers that have opted to implemented face mask requirements during the coronavirus pandemic.

Woman Goes On A Run, Finds Decomposing Human Head

A woman's morning run turned horrifying when she stumbled upon a decomposing human head.

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Country 'Literally Gained Nothing' With COVID…

Much has been made about one country's rejection of a lockdown and the high death rate that ensued....

President Called COVID-19 A Hoax. Now He's Tested…

The shocking news comes after months of downplaying the virus' severity.

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6 Years After 43 Students Disappeared, Big News

On Sept. 26, 2014, 43 undergraduate students disappeared, apparently abducted by local police.

NFL Star Sorry For Anti-Semitic 'Hitler Quote'

The longtime NFL star has apologized for sharing a deeply anti-Semitic quote that he thought was from Adolf Hitler.

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Here Are the Details From New George Floyd…

New bodycam transcripts were released in the death of George Floyd Wednesday, and they're difficult to read. They were made public as part of former Minneapolis police officer Thomas Lane's request to have the charges against him in the case, aiding and abetting murder and aiding and abetting manslaughter, dropped....

MSNBC appoints Joy Reid as Chris Matthews…

MSNBC has named weekend anchor Joy Reid to the 7 p.m. Eastern time slot vacated in March when former ‘Hardball’ host Chris Matthews retired on the air

The upside-down pool inside an ocean

While exploring hydrothermal vent and cold seep environments as part of a Schmidt Ocean Institute expedition, Dr. Mandy Joye and her interdisciplinary research team were witness to amazing geological, chemical and biological discoveries. Among them was an upside-down pool.

5 Ways to Manage Conflicts Caused by Social…

5 Ways to Manage Conflicts Caused by Social Distancing As the United States continues to reopen amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a variety of opinions have formed over what is and isn’t safe. Different stances have caused issues between families, friends and even communities. Here are five ways to help manage conflicts that may arise over how to handle social distancing and safety precautions. 1. If you’re not seeing eye-to-eye with someone over their choices, take a moment and empathize with them. Even if your perspectives don’t align, it’s important to take their feelings into consideration and remain level-headed. 2. Communicate clearly. If you make your expectations for an outing known from the beginning, it will help you avoid conflict later on. 3. Although it may be easy to justify going to a group gathering because you’re already making trips for essentials, remember to stick to your values. 4. With tensions running high, it’s easy to take canceled plans and snide comments more personally than you usually would. Take a deep breathe and remember that different people are comfortable with different things; it’s not about you. 5. If you find yourself being pressured to participate in social activities, try to think outside the box and find a safer alternative.

CDC Releases COVID Data on America's Meat Plants

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says fewer than half the states provided detailed data for a study of COVID-19 infections in meat plants —but the information they do have is disturbing. The CDC says 87% of coronavirus infections in meat and poultry plants in the states that provided...

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Trump's Plague Rally 'More Than Likely' Boosted…

That Donald Trump rally inside Tulsa’s BOK Center on June 20th has resulted in what many feared. The president and his re-election campaign ignored the risks of COVID-19 to hold their rally. The team was repeatedly warned about a potential coronavirus spike for the city, says Gimodo. Tulsa City-County Health Department says the county has seen almost 500 new cases of the virus. That is only in the past two days... 261 on Monday and 206 on Tuesday... This falls a little over two weeks after Trump’s Juneteenth weekend rally in the city.

Esper And Milley To Testify Thursday Before House…

The two military leaders will be questioned about the role the Pentagon played in responding to protests triggered by the death of George Floyd.

Paramedics busy with heat exhaustion calls

Paramedics in Fort Worth, Texas, and across the country are responding to more heat exhaustion calls as temperatures climb into the triple digits.

Halloween Kills (Teaser Trailer 1)

Trailer for 'Halloween Kills' starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, James Jude Courtney, Nick Castle

Melania Trump Statue Was Torched on July 4

A chainsaw-carved statue of Melania Trump in her hometown in Slovenia went up in flames on Independence Day. American artist Brad Downey, who commissioned local folk artist Alex Zupevc to carve the statue from a tree trunk, says he had the blackened remains removed after the fire and has filed...

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Lady A the Band Sues Lady A the Singer

It seemed like things were going to work out between Lady A (the country group previously known as Lady Antebellum) and Lady A (Anita White, the Seattle-based Black blues and soul singer who has been using the name for more than 20 years)—but alas, apparently not. The country group...

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Parades, close-ups with Mickey out as Disney…

"The Most Magical Place on Earth” will look different to visitors who have previously visited Walt Disney World

Wombat Elsie was found in dead mother's pouch

A baby wombat named Elsie has made incredible strides since she was discovered in her dead mother’s pouch about three months ago.