Dr. Fauci Says Society May Never Return to Normal

Fauci Says Society May Never Return to Normal Even With Coronavirus Vaccine The U.S. health official made his comments at a recent White House press briefing. He also added that even a vaccine won't bring things back to where they were before the outbreak. Fauci explained that this is due to coronavirus being a known and looming threat to society. Dr. Anthony Fauci, via press briefing Dr. Anthony Fauci, via press briefing There are now over 369,500 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the U.S. The disease is responsible for the deaths of over 11,000 as of April 7.

NFL Commissioner Provides Update On 2020 Draft

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell sent a memo providing guidelines to all 32 teams.

White House Adviser Sounded Virus Alarm Early

Two newly surfaced memos show that White House adviser Peter Navarro began sounding the alarm about the coming coronavirus disaster in the US in late January. Both memos were circulated in the West Wing and at various federal agencies, though it is not clear whether President Trump was shown either...

COVID-19 Having Major Impact On Dairy Industry

Dairy Farmers in Arizona are faced with an unexpected surplus of milk after grocery stores limited purchase quantities and other dairy selling vendors closed.