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US Expands Investigation Into Air Bag…

A malfunction in the air bag control unit can cause the air bag to not be deployed during crashes.

Boeing's troubled jet will cost $1 billion to fix

Boeing is estimating that fixing the 737 Max jetliner will cost $1 billion, and it is pulling its 2019 earnings forecast and suspending stock buybacks

Tesla Investigating Video Of A Car Bursting Into…

This is one of many reports throughout the years of Tesla vehicles catching fire.

Correction: SmallBiz-Burnout-Tips story

Correction: SmallBiz-Burnout-Tips story

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Conservatives reject move to topple PM Theresa…

British Prime Minister Theresa May's job is safe, for now, after Conservative lawmakers decided against enabling a new challenge to her leadership

Domino's shares up as earnings overshadow slower growth

Domino's Pizza shares up as earnings beat overshadows slower growth

Norfolk Southern railroad hauls in 23% more profit

Norfolk Southern Corp. delivered a 23% improvement in its first-quarter profit as the railroad began implementing a comprehensive plan to cut costs and improve productivity

Wall Street keeps hitting records. What do…

You, me and the S&P: Understanding what the latest market high means for average investors

Correction: Zinke-Gold Mining Job story

Correction: Zinke-Gold Mining Job story

Germany: Dry weather raises fears of forest fires…

Meteorologists in Germany say rainfall forecast for the coming days is unlikely to provide much relief to parched fields and forests, raising fears of a repeat of last year's drought and serious wildfires

3 things business owners should do when hiring their teens

When small business owners hire their teenagers, they should be ready to treat their new staffers like any other employees and be ready for some additional parent/child friction when problems arise

Parent? Boss? Business owners who hire their teens are both

Business owners often hire their teenagers to get work experience, earn some money and add to their resumes

Markets Right Now: Stocks drift a day after setting a record

Wall Street followed a record-setting day with more subdued trading as investors continue digesting a steady flow of corporate earnings. Investors were favoring less-risky stocks like real estate companies and utilities.

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Insurer Anthem tops 1Q expectations, raises 2019 forecast

Insurer Anthem tops 1Q expectations, raises 2019 forecast

Caterpillar 1Q beats forecasts as revenue grows 5%

Caterpillar beats Wall Street expectations on 5% revenue growth

Writings on gender issues magnify scrutiny of Trump Fed pick

Additional writings on gender issues heighten scrutiny of Stephen Moore, Trump pick for the Fed

AP joins global initiative to expand reporting on religion

AP, Religion News Service and The Conversation form initiative to expand reporting on religion

US stock indexes drift sideways in afternoon…

Major U.S. stock indexes are drifting sideways in afternoon trading, giving back some of the market's gains a day after the S&P 500 hit a record high

How to break up with your bank

Not feeling the love anymore? How to break up with your bank

The Latest: Boeing estimates 737 Max costs of $1 billion

Boeing estimates it will spend $1 billion to fix the 737 Max which remains grounded after two deadly crashes

Reports Huawei to supply UK networks draw…

British officials are downplaying reports the government will let China's Huawei supply parts of the U.K.'s new internet network, a decision that goes against U.S. warnings it could help Beijing spy

Ford to invest $500M in electric vehicle startup Rivian

Ford is sinking a half-billion dollars into electric vehicle startup Rivian in a deal that has the companies working together on a new vehicle based on Rivian underpinnings

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Food makers in Europe get letters with poisoning threats

Major food companies in Italy and Denmark have received letters containing an unidentified powder and written threats requesting they pay money or risk having their products poisoned

Tesla CEO heads down perilous road in pursuit of…

Tesla CEO Elon Musk aims to make money by selling self-driving cars that become part of app-based ride-ailing service

China rejects 'unfounded hype' after GE spying accusation

China tells US to stop 'unfounded hype' about technology theft after engineer, Chinese business partner charged with industrial spying