SeaWorld furloughs 90% of workers because of…

The coronavirus outbreak continues to shake up the business world

Scientists Say They Found A Way To Extract Color…

A team of researchers has found a way to extract a variety of different colors from patterns typically viewed as black.

NRA Sues California's Governor, Others For…

During their statewide stay-at-home order, California designated gun stores as "non-essential businesses" and ordered them to close.

Trump Gives Order to Bring Back Retired Troops

The Pentagon will call back a number of retired and reserve troops to help fight the pandemic, after President Trump issued an executive order Friday night. He did not say if anyone would be returned to service who didn't agree to it, the Washington Post reports. The order covers retirees,...

New York gets hospital ship, possible quarantine

US President Donald Trump floated the idea of a quarantine as early as Saturday affecting residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut for a short time to stop the spread of coronavirus from reaching states with fewer infections. (March 28)

New York's Governor Postpones Presidential Primary

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo postponed the state’s April 28 presidential primary to June 23. According to Reuters, the number of coronavirus cases climbed to 52, 318 and deaths to 728. The state accounts for roughly a third of the U.S. death toll and for half the known cases. Cuomo said: “You don’t win on defense. You win on offense. You have to get ahead of this.” The governor said President Donald Trump approved the construction of four additional temporary hospital sites in New York City.

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AP Interview: Roger Penske talks postponing…

Roger Penske tells The Associated Press that postponing the Indianapolis 500 from Memorial Day weekend for the first time since 1945 was a difficult decision

10 Real-Life Places You Can Experience Virtually…

10 Real-Life Places You Can Experience Virtually From Your Home A simple Google search on your computer can open the virtual door to these travel destinations. 1. The ancient Great Wall of China. 2. Egypt's three Giza pyramids. 3. India's Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 4. The ancient Colosseum in Rome, Italy. 5. France's beautiful Palace of Versailles. 6. Great Britain's mysterious Stonehenge. 7. California's Yosemite National Park, home of the Half Dome. 8. America's most famous road, Route 66. 9. Italy's Sistine Chapel, which can be found in the Vatican. 10. Paris' most famous art museum, the Louvre.

Trump Considers Locking Down New York Area

President Donald Trump floated the idea of prohibiting travel in and out of the New York area. According to Reuters, the move would attempt to limit the spread of the coronavirus in a state hit hard by the virus. Trump told reporters that a lot of New Yorkers are leaving the state to Florida, putting the state at risk. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo called the idea “anti-American” and said he wouldn’t cooperate. He said: “I don’t think any serious governmental personality or professional would support it.”

Walmart Sells Shirts, Not Pants Amid Coronavirus

When you teleconference, no one can see your pants—and that's driving a spike in shirt sales as more Americans work at home during the coronavirus pandemic, USA Today reports. "We're seeing increased sales in tops, but not bottoms. So, people who are concerned, obviously, from the waist up," Dan...

Powerful tornado forms in the distance

A man was driving near Rhodes, Iowas, when he spotted a tornado forming on March 28.

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of UK, Tests…

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of UK, Tests Positive for Coronavirus The 55-year-old leader of Britain made the announcement via Twitter on Friday. Boris Johnson, Twitter He is the first Western leader to confirm that he has contracted the virus. In a video message, Johnson reiterated that he will not turn his duties over to someone else. Boris Johnson, Twitter After pushing back against dramatic measures to curb the spread of virus in the U.K., Johnson imposed a lockdown for the nation earlier this week. Heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, also revealed this week that he has contracted the coronavirus. Queen Elizabeth II, 93, is said to be in good health.

Music fest, barbecue contest in Memphis are…

Tourism officials in Memphis, Tennessee, say the Beale Street Music Festival and the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest have been rescheduled for the fall after being postponed by the new coronavirus outbreak

Trump raises idea of quarantines for northeast US

US President Donald Trump said Saturday that he was considering a type of enforceable quarantine to prevent people in New York and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut from traveling. (March 28)

The National Guard Seeks Fleeing New Yorkers

New Yorkers seeking refuge in Rhode Island might want to think again. The state's police and National Guard are pulling over drivers with New York plates, and knocking on doors for recent travelers from the Empire State—America's epicenter for the coronavirus outbreak, NBC News reports. Such visitors are told...

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The Latest: Goalie gear-maker shifts to medical…

Canadian hockey goalie equipment manufacturer Brian's Custom Sports has begun producing medical supplies for hospitals in and around southwestern Ontario

Underwater Robot Finds Unusual Sedimentary…

An underwater robot exploring Australia’s Cape Range Canyon on Wednesday got quite a surprise.

Rhode Island Troops Stop Vehicles With New York…

Gov. Gina Raimondo insisted the extreme move is necessary and follows federal guidelines.

Roughly 33K Americans Still Can't Get Home

Some 33,000 Americans are still struggling to get back home amid the growing coronavirus pandemic, NBC News reports. Some 15,440 have already returned, but so many are stuck abroad that some are just planning to stay until the pandemic is over. "In some places, people have decided they're...

Business owners hope to stay open despite outbreak

While much of the U.S. is living on lockdown to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, several Southern states are resisting. Small businesses considered non-essential say the governors are the only thing between them and financial ruin. (March 28)

How Symptoms For The Coronavirus And Allergies…

In peak allergy season, sneezing and runny noses are widespread across the US. Fortunately, they're not common symptoms of COVID-19, the disease the coronavirus causes. According to Business Insider, it's a misconception that nasal symptoms are common. Rather, the most common symptoms are fever and a dry cough. Other symptoms include fatigue, nausea, body aches, coughing, shortness of breath, and gastrointestinal issues. Nevertheless, there is some overlap of symptoms of COVID-19 and symptoms of other common conditions. That's just one reason why widespread testing is necessary. Plus, someone could have both coronavirus and allergies simultaneously.

The week that was: Stories from the coronavirus…

The world changed remarkably this past week as the coronavirus marched across the world and humanity tried to cope

Can Coronavirus Live on Shoes?

Can Coronavirus Live on Shoes? The COVID-19 pandemic has already raised questions about how long the virus can live on clothing. But what about shoes? Shoes are points of contact in crowded areas, such as grocery stores. According to public health specialist Carol Winner, there is no evidence that coronavirus enters our homes via shoes. Carol Winner, via HuffPost However, there is evidence that the virus can live on surfaces, which may include shoes depending on the material. Carol Winner, via HuffPost

Homemade Face Masks May Help

Homemade face masks are not as effective as surgical masks or N95 respirators. But, according to Business Insider, some experts say they're better than nothing when it comes to slowing the spread of the coronavirus. With health care workers faced with a shortage of medical supplies, like masks and respirators, many people are making masks at home. Layers and making sure there's a snug seal over the mouth and nose are key to making an effective mask.

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Ex-Biden Aide Makes Harrowing Accusation

"You're nothing to me." A former Joe Biden aide says those words are still ringing in her ears after he allegedly sexually assaulted her in 1993, the Huffington Post reports. The accuser, Tara Reade, went on a podcast this week and said Biden kissed her, thrust his fingers inside her,...

Basement overflowed as floodwaters spill inside

This basement is overwhelmed as floodwaters spill into this home in Westfield, Indiana, on March 28. That trash can proved to be ineffective as well.

Prince Charles Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Prince Charles Tests Positive for Coronavirus The Clarence House released a statement confirming the diagnosis. The Clarence House, via statement The prince's wife, Camilla, does not have the virus. The Clarence House, via statement Due to his hectic schedule, it is not yet known how and where the Prince of Wales came in contact with the virus. The Queen, who last saw Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace on March 12, is "following all the appropriate advice with regard to her welfare." According to Buckingham Palace, the Queen remains in "good health."