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Bloomberg Drops $100M on Anti-Trump Ads

Newser — Neal Colgrass

Got $100 million? Neither do we—but Michael Bloomberg does. The billionaire and former New York City mayor is planning to spend that much on anti-Trump ads as he mulls a run for president, the Hill reports.

The ads will target Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan, four states the Dems want to win back in 2020. And they'll keep running until the primary season ends.

"Mike isn’t waiting to take on the President, he's starting now," says a Bloomberg rep. "This is all hands on deck." Interestingly, the ads won't feature Bloomberg, suggesting they could boost other Democrats if Bloomberg doesn't run or later bows out.

"We will have other ads that feature Mike Bloomberg," a top Bloomberg adviser tells the New York Times. "You will be seeing a lot of Mike Bloomberg." Yet national polling shows him with only single-digit support.

He also failed to meet the Friday filing deadline for the New Hampshire primary, and hasn't committed to running for president. (He is "days, not weeks" away from deciding, an insider tells Axios.) Bloomberg's cash infusion makes him the campaign's biggest spender so far and helps to counterbalance President Trump's bulging war chest, which includes $308 million raised by the Republican National Committee this year alone.

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