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T.I. Slams Kanye West as Trump’s ‘Lil Cookie Boy’ After Wild Meeting

Rolling Stone — Althea Legaspi

T.I. declared he is “officially done” with Kanye West’s “antics.” The rapper took to Instagram to express his strong disapproval following West’s wild White House visit and meeting with President Trump on Thursday.

In his post, T.I. lamented ever having worked with West. In April, the rappers discussed West’s support of Trump in a behind-the-scenes video for “Ye vs. the People.” The song features the pair sparring with T.I. serving as “the People” debating West’s Trump support. However, Thursday’s White House appearance was apparently the last straw.

“Now I’ve been extremely patient and made it a point to not jump to any premature conclusions about Ye & his antics,” T.I. wrote, adding that this was partly due to lessons learned from similar situations he’s come across. “But now this shit is next level, futuristic Sambo, Hopping Bob, Stephen off Django ass shit Ye!!!

“From what I can gather… This is the most repulsive, disgraceful, embarrassing act of desperation & auctioning off of one’s soul to gain power I have ever seen.”

During West’s meeting with Trump, West gave a rambling 10-minute speech, which included West saying that wearing a MAGA hat “made me feel like Superman. That’s my favorite superhero. You made a Superman cape for me.” He also told Trump that he was on a “hero’s journey.”

“You ass kissing and bootlicking on a whole new level & I refuse to associate myself with something so vile, weak & inconsiderate to the effect this has on the greater good of all our people,” T.I. continued, before expressing regret about the past. “At one time it was a pleasure to work alongside you… Now, I’m ashamed to have ever been associated with you.”

“If you listen closely you can hear the tears of our ancestors hit the floor,” T.I. concluded. “All I can say is… I’ve reached my limits. This is my stop, I’m officially done!!!! Trump & His Lil Cookie Boy. #USorELSE”