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Amazon to File for Restraining Order in Microsoft-DOD Deal

Newser — Jenn Gidman

Amazon has long been suspicious that it lost out to Microsoft on a lucrative $10 billion cloud computing deal with the US military only because of President Trump's intervention, and now Jeff Bezos' behemoth has taken its latest step to stymie the latter from proceeding with that project.

CNN Business reports that, per a court filing put in on Monday, Amazon Web Services—which already has a lawsuit complaining that the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract from the Defense Department was handed to Microsoft only after "behind-the-scenes attacks" against Amazon from Trump—will file a preliminary injunction with a federal court by Jan. 24 to stop Microsoft from starting its work with the military until its complaint is resolved.

Amazon says the contract-awarding process was influenced by the president's antipathy for the Washington Post and Amazon CEO Bezos, who owns the newspaper, and that it—not Microsoft—is the most qualified to handle the job.

Amazon was originally believed to be the favored company for the project. Reuters notes the judge will hand down a decision on the restraining order by Feb. 11, the day the Microsoft project was due to start.

The Pentagon, meanwhile, including Defense Secretary Mark Esper, insist the process was fairly conducted and that the resulting contract didn't emerge from any outside influence. Per Investor's Business Daily, Microsoft intends to request that the judge dismiss Amazon's lawsuit entirely.

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