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Cop Suspended for 'Unfathomable' Post on Dead Protester

Newser — Jenn Gidman

A cousin of Washington Gov. Jay Inslee who's been a cop for 40 years has been suspended over inflammatory online posts following the death of a protester in Seattle.

Summer Taylor, 24, was hit by a car on a closed freeway Saturday and later died; Mike Brown, a King County Sheriff's Office detective, is accused of sharing a meme on Facebook after the crash of a drawing of a person flying over the hood of a vehicle, along with the words "All Lives Splatter" and "Get your a-- off the road," reports the Washington Post.

KING 5 has a screenshot, as well as images of other offensive posts apparently made by Brown. In a statement, the sheriff's office says Brown was "immediately placed on administrative leave," with all of his "police powers ... suspended." Other staffers who reacted to the posts will also be investigated.

Per KIRO, Brown's Facebook page is now down.

Taylor's father, Matt Taylor, calls the meme "disgusting" and "unfathomable." "That guy needs to be fired now," he tells the Seattle Times of Brown.

"I think anybody who was liking it, sharing it, or doing anything else with it should be fired." Inslee also wasn't happy to hear about the posts, per KOMO.

"I'm deeply disappointed and totally reject the language of my cousin Mike Brown who made inflammatory comments about recent protests," he tweeted Tuesday. "The language is unacceptable and just flat wrong, particularly from a law enforcement officer, as we try to heal the divisions of our community." Meanwhile, the suspect in Taylor's death, 27-year-old Dawit Kelete, has been charged with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, and reckless driving and is being held on $1.2 million bail.

The other protester hit Saturday, Diaz Love, is recovering from serious injuries.

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