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Daily Horoscopes: Friday, March 27, 2020


Aries: You'll have to apply yourself fairly strenuously for a little while. You will overcome the obstacles and the pressure won't last too long, so stay focused.

Taurus: Let events gather their own momentum and don't push things. A change to a lighter mood is likely later on. Take advantage of this shift into a higher gear.

Gemini: You need to wind down some today, otherwise your racing mind may fail to see some important thoughts or feelings that are there. Try cruise control.

Cancer: Keep applying yourself as the day progresses. Turn to an associate for a team solution. Keep an even keel and work your way around any obstructive people.

Leo: Keep the balance between home and work. Don't let matters weigh you down. Check on any health issues that are causing tiredness or loss of energy.

Virgo: Don't push yourself too hard. Preserve your powers of concentration. The world is calling you to be your normal self, but keep focused on important tasks.

Libra: Watch your physical health and well being. Exercise in some way to gain relief. There is a key point coming up soon. You can succeed.

Scorpio: There could be friction between you and your partner. Are you overdoing it? Husband your energies well and get through as best you can.

Sagittarius: Pace yourself. Tiredness might trouble you or there will be obstacles you cannot get past. Know when to call it quits for the day. Watch your health.

Capricorn: Set your mind to what needs to be done and work at it. Link in with the efforts of others. It simply won't be easy but it can be done. Knuckle down.

Aquarius: Don't try to push past things. Work through whatever's there, especially if it involves challenges from home or work. Impatience will not serve.

Pisces: It's an effort to get out and get moving. Is what you're doing weighing you down at the moment? Is there a lack of freedom? Just work through these matters.