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Relatable Tweets About Living That Quarantine Life With Pets

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The coronavirus outbreak has not only impacted the daily routines of people. Don't forget the pets! And according to The Huff Post, pets who used to be mostly alone during the day, while their owners were at work, are now adjusting to the new normal as well. With the new stay at home orders, pet owners are spending more time at home and the reactions have been a mixed bag. The Huff Post shared 27 funny tweets about quarantining with pets, including: 1. @julcasagrande wrote, "Day 7: My dogs and I switched roles and I’m the one following them around the house now." 2. @joshgondelman tweeted, "It’s a weird time when you take your dog for a walk and the thing you’re least worried about touching is dog poop." 3. @Kristen_Arnett added, "Every time my dog gets up from the couch and sits away from me in a different room I am taking it VERY PERSONALLY." 4. @emrazz wrote “More hugs please” - me to my pet every 1-5 minutes